Workshop Life Force Cooking #2 Fermentation – English

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Kee Yew’s second class will demonstrate the art of fermentation.

Ethnic cultures have long valued fermentation not only as a way of preserving foods, but also for the health benefits which the probiotics or ‘good’ bacteria offer the gut microbiome. Germans and Koreans ferment cabbage (saerkraut & kimchi) with salt and lactobacillus, yoghurt and lassi are part of India’s national diet, Armenia, Bulgaria and Turkey ferment milk to make kefir and ayran, Asia ferments soya beans to produce the umami flavours of natto, miso, tempeh, soy sauce, shoyu, tamari, douchi, black bean sauce, gochujang, doenjang, dobanjiang to name a few.

Menu for the class – Soy Yoghurt, Fermented Buckwheat Bread, Miso Laksa, Lemongrass Tempeh, Rejuvelac, Misozuke

This class will be conducted in English with Mandarin translation if necessary.