World Vegetarian Day

Organized by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

Join us as we celebrate World Vegetarian Day with a talk by Dharma Voices for Animals to understand our relationship with animals through the Buddha’s teaching. There will also be a movie screening of the documentary film, PlantPure Nation, which follows the journey of three people on a quest to document and spread the message of the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Also featuring sharing session by Vegan Body Builder, Luke Tan, and Wholemeal Plant Based Food tasting session with Vinitha Ang.

Venue: Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall, level 4, Hall of No Form.

Free vegetarian lunch will be provided, to prevent wastage, please register your interest:

Closing date of registration: one week before the event.

Please email for more enquires.

9:30-10am Participants coming in, seeing exhibition of vegetarian and Buddhism.
10-11:30am Dharma Voices for Animals talk by Albert Mah and Bob Issacson (from Australia and USA)
11:30-11:40am Organizer announcement and Video for Vegetarian for Environment.
11:40-12:30pm Lunch at the canteen
12:30-1pm Luke Tan’s vegan Body Builder talk
1-2pm Vinitha Ang’s Whole Plant Food tasting
2-2:15pm Toilet Break
2:15-3:15pm Movie
3:15-3:30pm Organizer announcement, willing pledge to reduce meat/ go vegetarian or more.

Biography of speakers:
Bob Isaacson has practiced the Dharma in the Vipassana/Theravada tradition for over 20 years . Some of his teachers include: Tsoknyi Rinpoche, U Tejaniya, and U Lakkhaha. He was a civil rights-human rights attorney for twenty-five years, specializing in defending people against the death penalty.

Albert Mah is currently the Chapter Leader of Dharma Voices for Animals in Perth, Australia. He is a former vice-president of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia and a former treasurer of Hayagriva Buddhist Centre in Perth. He currently also teaches dharma class to high school students at Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre in Perth.

Luke is a published author, strength coach and internationally awarded vegan athlete. He is also the founder of Evolved Generation, a brand based in Australia promoting health and athleticism through conscious consumption. He specialises in helping professionals achieve peak health and fitness through a plant-based diet and coaching programs.

Vinitha Ang is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years of experience in nursing & allied health care profession. She is also trained in nutrition and psychology with a Master’s Degree in Health Care management. Vinitha has formerly operated a Vegan Cafe with Organic retail business for 5 years, and has been regularly conducting Vegan Culinary classes since 2008.

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