Plant-Based Athletes

World-class examples of plant-based athletes!

Vlad Ixel

Vlad Ixel Vegan Ultramarathoner

Vlad is a champion vegan ultramarathoner!

Serena Williams

Serena Williams Vegan

She has been ranked world No. 1 in singles women's tennis six times! Serena goes plant-based during competition season and her long-term goal is to be vegan full time!

Patrik Baboumian

Patrik Baboumian Vegan

Ranked Germany's Strongest Man, multiple world record holder and full-time vegan!

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Plant-based Trainers in SG

Awake Method Luke Emilie Tan
Luke - Bodybuilder and Trainer
Emilie - Ultramarathoner

Eat Train Love
Cheryl Lin

Cat Yeo Fitness Vegan Trainer
Cat Yeo

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Athletes in Singapore!

Yeo Yuan Kai

Yuan Kai Vegan Athlete
Yuan Kai is an award-winning vegan bodybuilder!

Jing Zhi Chua

Jing Zhi Chua Triathlon
JZ is an award-winning triathloner and cyclist!

Luke Tan

Luke Tan Vegan Bodybuilder in Singapore
Luke is an award-winning vegan bodybuilder!

Hilmi Hayan

Hilmi is a vegan bodybuilder!

Emilie Tan

Emilie Vegan Ultramarathoner
Emilie is an award-winning vegan ultramarathoner!

Murli Ravi
Murli is an award winning cyclist!

Ang Hwee

Ang Hwee Singapore Plant-based Weight lifter
A plant-based national weightlifting coach and athlete that has won medals in international competitions.

Rameshon Murugiah

Rameshon Fastest Singaporean Marathon
Rameshon is plant-based has been fastest Singaporean athlete in the Singapore Marathon.

Plant Protein

All protein in the food chain originates in plants and there is no need to take protein powder as a vegan athlete...  but if you want it, here's how you can swap out your whey powder:

Prana On Vegan Protein Singapore
Available at Crazybadman, Eat Organic, Four Seasons Organic Markets (select locations), Gravity Club, Juice Junkie, Ritual Club

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Clean Lean Protein
Clean Lean Protein Singapore
Available at Le Bono Collection

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Bob's Red Mill Protein Powder

Bob's Red Mill Protein Powder Singapore
Bob's Red Mill has several plant-based protein products at Mustafa and Phoon Huat locations.

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IHerb Vegan Singapore
Has many plant protein products that ship to SG found here.

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