• Sapiens Book Cover

    Reading While Vegan: Review of ‘Sapiens’

    Author: George Jacobs My Reading Habits As a vegan, I’m curious when I see a book or other work, such as film or play, that talks about vegetarianism/veganism or is written/created by a vegan. For example, in 2016, a Korean novel titled ‘The Vegetarian’ was on the Time magazine list

  • Review of Introduction to Cell Agriculture

    Review written by: George Jacobs The book is downloadable at no charge here. This review is being written in May 2019. Every week, new headlines crash onto our consciousness about the rise of foods that offer alternative protein sources, such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, using plant and fungi

  • Beyond Meat

    The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Meat

    Public perceptions change. For example, in the 17th century, King James of England condemned tobacco use as a menace to society, yet in the 1950s, cigarettes were sometimes prescribed by doctors to boost people’s health, with advertisements such as one displaying a doctor saying, “Give your throat a vacation: Smoke

  • Outreach

    What Vegans Should Know

    Author: Nicholas Ho Note: The views expressed are that of the author. As veganism inches towards the mainstream, a group of students at the National University of Singapore wanted to know what others thought about the topic. Enticing students and staff with free brownies and the chance to try our

  • Plant Milks

    Do Alternative Foods Need to Taste Just Like ____?

    In January 2019, I was helping to organize a symposium on Biophilia (love of nature). In keeping with the Biophilia theme, most of the food was vegan, and people were urged to bring their own cups, bowls, etc. I was in charge of purchasing plant milks to add to the

  • law of habit change

    Better Habits To Be Better Activists

    Introduction Like those of you reading this blog, I want to do my best to help our fellow animals trapped in the hell that is factory farming. However, certain habits of mine get in the way. For example, I spend too much time checking out the latest news from the

  • No enemies, only friends

    No Enemies, Only Friends

    Bob Dylan said that “The times they are a-changing”. Dylan predicted doom for those who resist change, those who “stand in the doorway and block up the hall”. Fortunately, in the change away from animal based food, no one is doomed; everyone benefits. The purpose of the current blog post

  • Protest Kitchen Book Review

    Book Review: Protest Kitchen by Adams and Messina

    Protest Kitchen: Fight Injustice, Save the Planet, and Fuel Your Resistance One Meal at a Time, 2018, by Carol J Adams and Virginia Messina. Published by Conari Press, Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA. ISBN: 978-1-57324-743-6. Are you one of the many people who see their diet as an individual choice; you eat

  • Plant based foods

    Response to ‘How Vegans Can Plant the Seeds of Acceptance’

    Author: George Jacobs, President of Animal Allies I refer to ‘How Vegans Can Plant the Seeds of Acceptance’ (ST 7 Nov). Everyone can make an important contribution to society, whether we are school cleaners creating a conducive environment for learning, police officers promoting public safety, or grandparents helping to raise

  • Transformation through Diet

    Author: Shieh Yuan Joshua is a friend from university days that I met recently at a friend’s wedding. Many of us could not recognise him at first, because he had undergone such a massive transformation, he looked like two different people! Turns out he had gone vegetarian, and is feeling