• Why are animals important

    Why Queer People Need Animals

    Esther the Wonder Pig is fortunate to be able to live her most fabulous self after being rescued by Canadian couple Steve and Derek in 2012. Other pigs like Esther are typically slaughtered at 6 months old. Esther is 6 years old now, and could possibly live almost another decade. Image

  • Rabbit

    When Beauty is Skin Deep: Cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics and skincare gaining ground in the beauty industry

    By: Laura Lum The current reality of animal testing in the beauty industry “Where do you usually get your cosmetics and skincare from?” This is a question I often get from others wanting to find out more about brands that offer skincare and cosmetics free from animal testing and animal

  • Eight Benefits of “Preaching to the Choir”

    The views presented in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of CRF. Author: George Jacobs The Centre for a Responsible Future (CRF) organises and co-organises many events. We do these events to promote behaviours that are healthy (such as plant based eating and regular exercise), green (such as avoiding

  • Clean Meat

    Review: Clean meat: How growing meat without animals will revolutionize dinner and the world

    It’s frustrating to be activists for farmed animals. On one hand, the evidence for moving away from animal based foods continues to grow, whether it’s new research on the health benefits of plant based foods, or new studies linking animal based foods and the worsening effects of climate change, or

  • The Forgotten Footprint in your Flight

    Author: Ambaree Majumder Have you ever been given a choice to offset your carbon footprint while on a flight? I came across that question a few times, at times when I did not care much about the planet. Like many I suppose, I thought spending time and effort towards my

  • Animal Allies Blog

    What it’s Like Being a Vegan Teen

    “Where are you going to get your protein from?” “You’re not going to get enough nutrition.” “Veganism? That’s so extreme!” As a growing teen, I’ve received so many questions and doubts about my choice to go vegan from friends and relatives alike. People are often incredulous when they hear that

  • Diet choices and climate change

    It’s time to address diet choices and climate change

    This letter was sent to the Straits Times Forum, but was not published. It is great to see Singapore focusing on Climate Action in 2018.  However, there is a surprising lack of attention drawn to the significant role diet plays in people’s carbon footprints.  In addition to carbon dioxide, animal

  • 2017 Compassionate Christmas Gift Guide – Part 2!

    We hope you liked the first instalment of our compassionate gift guide.  (If you missed it, click here!) This second part focuses on vegan FOOD that you can give as gifts or bring to a party. (Don’t be remembered as the one who didn’t bring anything! :P) We present a

  • 2017 Compassionate Christmas Gift Guide – Part 1!

    Click here for Part 2! Christmas is almost upon us and one of the best parts of Christmas is seeing the delight on our loved ones’ faces when they receive our carefully curated gifts from us. At the same time, one of the most stressful parts of Christmas is attempting

  • Diabetes and Whole Foods Plant-based Diets

    In Singapore we are well aware of the various lifestyle diseases afflicting our society.  One of our volunteers at Animal Allies has a relative in America treating lifestyle diseases with plant-based diets.  The following is an interview with this doctor. Closer to home, Engines of Health in Singapore works with patients to