• Book Review: Mercy for Animals

    Mercy for Animals (MFA) – http://www.mercyforanimals.org – is an international organisation dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. MFA was featured in our 29 September, 2017 blog post as an effective animal charity. I first learned about MFA via its one-minute MTV videos

  • Effective Altruism: Do the Most Good

    Author: Pooja Chandwani I have never been a big fan of appealing to someone’s emotional side, or engineer a response from someone based on sentiments. It to me always has and will feel like a manipulation of sorts and is termed as such – argumentum ad passiones or appeal to

  • Developing Online Search Skills: The Case of Vegan Nutrition

    George M Jacobs, Vegetarian Society (Singapore) Summary This paper begins with general suggestions for developing students’ ability to find, evaluate and understand information online. Next, the paper addresses the specific case of finding information on vegan nutrition. Three sources are recommended as quality sources of information on the nutritional needs

  • Creating a Vegan World – Book Review & Interview with Author Tobias Leenaert

    How do we save the most animals possible? Should we use health and environmental arguments or only moral outreach? Is asking people to cut back on meat betraying the vegan philosophy? What steps can we take to make veganism be more inclusive? These are a few of the many complex

  • Response: Our Role in the Dog Meat Trade

    This is a written in response to the article “Indonesians Taste for Economical Dog Meat Growing, Even Though Others Shun It” published in Today on March 26, 2017.  Today chose not to publish our response. Most people who have a pet dog can proudly call them part of family; the

  • Should vegans support the LGBTQ+ movement?

    Recently, Mercy For Animals in the USA made an intersectional Facebook post highlighting LGBTQ+ celebrities that are vegan.  Thankfully there were many supportive comments, but there were some surprisingly negative comments (most of which the admins removed, but a small discussion has been left at point of writing).  Some of

  • Response to “Watching from Farm to Fork” in Today Newspaper

    Dear Sir, I refer to the article, “Watching from farm to fork: Keeping food in Singapore safe in the global era” (Today; May 13, 2017). AVA is in the unenviable position of being responsible for food safety and people’s health without actually being able to take a full-spectrum approach. While

  • Even Vegans Die Review

    Even Vegans Die Review

    The book’s three authors have a distinguished background. Carol J Adams is author of the pioneering book, The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory (1990). She also co-edited Beyond Animal Rights: A Feminist Caring Ethic for the Treatment of Animals.  Visit caroljadams.com for more of her thoughts on veganism,