A Trip to Animal Paradise!

Next Trip: Jan 27, 2019 to celebrate Veganuary SG!

Want to pet a rescued race horse as it munches on grass you feed it?  Or give Tutu the pig a shower?  How about meeting some goats and cows?  Or snuggling with bunnies and chickens?  Join us for a day of reconnecting with animals and discovering their amazing personalities and stories.  Just see some pics from our previous trips above or this video below!

This is the itinerary breakdown:

  • 10:15 - Report at Boon Lay MRT
  • 10:30 - Van leaves
  • 11:30 - Cross Malaysia customs
  • 12:15 - Lunch at Ci Yi Vegetarian Restaurant
  • 13:15 - Travel
  • 13:30 - Tour at Animal Paradise
  • 16:00 - Travel
  • 18:00 - Reach Boon Lay MRT

Price includes lunch and transportation.  All ages are welcome!  We do not provide travel insurance, it is suggested you have your own.

What to bring?

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Light clothing you don't mind getting dirty
  • Passport / ID Card / Employment Pass / Visa (whatever you need for the border crossing)
  • Optional: Donation to Animal Paradise to support the animals
  • Optional: Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, umbrella, snacks

Stories from Animal Paradise - Tutu (Pig)

Tutu is a 540 kg 12 year-old pig that has been with Animal Paradise for 10 years she was  brought in by an old lady who used to be a pig farmer, raising pigs for slaughter. Upon retirement, the old lady  was repentant of the way she made her living and decided to buy the pig from slaughter and perform a mercy-release with the help of Animal Paradise. Tutu is sensitive with people approaching her from the back or side but is open to gentle pats and caress on her ears and soft, wet snout. Fun fact, pigs in the market only have approximate lifespan of 9 months before sent to slaughterhouses, if allowed to live naturally they get up to 18 years.

Passions: Tutu loves water - she'll play all day long with you if you turn on the water hose! Be warned though, she'll give you an earful of angry squeals if you turn it off!

Come join us!

Please note that registrations are non-refundable, but they are transferrable if you find a replacement. It is suggested you have your own travel insurance for Malaysia.  Children also need a ticket.  Families with infants must bring a car seat.

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Optional: VSS Membership #

Stories from Animal Paradise - Easy (former racehorse)

Easy was 6-years old when he was rescued. He was a former race-horse with the Singapore Turf Club. However, one day Easy fell during a race and he was no longer able to compete. Does anyone know why a race horse is as good as useless once they become injured during a race? It’s not about the physical injury, because physical injuries can always recover with time. It’s the mental scarring that makes them useless. Because when they are put in the same situation, they get a mental flashback and they get scared. They hesitate, and they can’t run as fast as could before. So, most injured racehorses either face mental scarring or must go through surgery if it’s a very serious injury, and in both cases many horses end up being killed because owners don’t want to pay for vet fees and other expenses for horses who can’t race again. Easy immediately lost his value and the ex-owner decided to put Easy down by shooting him. Fortunately, 2 kind souls offered to buy Easy over and asked if Mr. G (Animal Paradise's proprietor) could put him up at the Sanctuary and Easy has been living there since. Mr G says that it takes about $700 per month to take care of Easy. Easy likes to eat carrots and hates it when people touch his ears.

Passions: Easy loves carrots - 5 per helping, please. Be careful with your fingers though lest they become the sixth carrot!