Singapore has...
10 chicken slaughterhouses + 4 duck slaughter houses + 1 one pig slaughter house
46.5 million chickens + 6.1 million ducks + 341, 154 pigs
....were slaughtered over one year.

(AVA Annual Report 2014/2015)

Poultry Slaughterhouses (Senoko)

Boong Poultry Pte Ltd

Boong Poultry Pte Ltd Cropped

Halal Chicken Slaughterhouse
4 Senoko Way
Singapore 758028
Tel: +65 6257 6104
Fax: +65 6753 8311

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Soonly Food Industries

Soonly Food Industries   Type: Halal Chicken Slaughterhouse
4 Senoko Way
Singapore 758028
Tel:  +65 6757 2121
Fax:  +65 6756 2121

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KSB Distribution Pte Ltd

KSB Distribution Pte Ltd
Type: Halal Chicken Slaughterhouse
6 Senoko Way
Singapore 758029
Tel: +65 6757 2121
Fax: +65 6756 2121

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Da Food Industries Pte Ltd

Da Food Industries Pte Ltd
Type: Duck Slaughterhouse
16 Senoko Way
Singapore 758038
Tel: +65 6756 8173
Fax: +65 6756 4928

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Lee Say Poultry Industrial

Lee Say Poultry Industrial
Type: Halal Chicken Slaughterhouse
18 Senoko Way
Singapore 758040
Tel: +65 6363 6565
Fax: +65 6363 5522

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Heng Guan Poultry Industries Pte Ltd

Heng Guan Poultry Industries Pte Ltd
Type: Halal Duck Slaughterhouse
17 Senoko Crescent
Singapore 758271
Tel: +65 6756 8070 / +65 6756 3486
Fax: +65 6756 1126

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Hup Heng Poultry Industries Pte Ltd

Hup Heng Poultry Industries Pte Ltd
Type: Halal Poultry Slaughterhouse
30 Senoko Crescent
Woodlands East Industrial Estate
Singapore 758279
Tel: +65 6257 0366
Fax: +65 6257 5276

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Tong Huat Poultry Processing Factory Pte Ltd

Tong Huat Poultry Processing Factory Pte Ltd
Type: Halal Chicken Slaughterhouse
34 Senoko Crescent
Singapore 758281
Tel: +65 6756 2611
Fax: +65 6756 2218

Poultry Slaughterhouses (Defu Lane)

Kee Song Brothers Poultry Industries Pte Ltd

Kee Song Brothers Poultry Industries Pte Ltd
Type: Poultry Slaughterhouse
2 Defu Lane 2
Singapore 539465
Tel: +65 6289 4933
Fax: +65 6285 2601

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Heng Khwee Heng Poultry Factory Pte Ltd

Heng Khwee Heng Poultry Factory Pte Ltd
Type: Halal Duck Slaughterhouse
7 Defu Lane 4
Singapore 539411
Tel: +65 6288 1233
Fax: +65 6280 2108

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Sinmah Poultry Processing Pte Ltd

Sinmah Poultry Processing Pte Ltd
Type: Halal Poultry Abattoir
27 Defu Lane 12
Singapore 539134
Tel: +65 6383 1200
Fax: +65 6383 1311

Poultry Slaughterhouses (Pandan Loop)

Supmar Pte Ltd

Supmar Pte LtdType: Chicken Slaughterhouse
193 Pandan Loop
Singapore 128382
Tel: +65 6778 7733
Fax: +65 6779 3710


Gold Chic Poultry Supply Pte Ltd

Gold Chic Poultry Supply Pte LtdType: Halal Poultry Slaughterhouse
197 Pandan Loop
Singapore 128385
Tel: +65 6776 6998
Fax: +65 6774 1289


Hock Chuan Heng Farm

Hock Chuan Heng FarmType: Halal Poultry Slaughterhouse
195 Pandan Loop
Singapore 126890
Tel: +65 6774 0096
Fax: +65 6777 2656

AVA's Annual Report 2015/2016

AVA's Annual Report 2014/2015

Pig Slaughterhouse (Buroh Lane)

Primary Industries Pte Ltd

Primary Industries Pte Ltd (Pig Pens)
Type: Pig Slaughterhouse
2 Buroh Lane
Singapore 618492
Tel: +65 6267 0600
Fax: +65 6265 0602

Relevant News Articles

1) From Pigs to Pork – Primary Industries Pte Ltd’s Pig Slaughterhouse

A worker prepares to make a cut in the tendon area above the hind hooves so that the pigs can be hooked to the gambrel.
(Photo: MYP)

“The slaughterhouse is run like a production line, with white-uniformed personnel going briskly about their business.

The floor is kept very clean, sprayed constantly with water. The whole place is flooded with fluorescent lighting, giving it the feel of a sterile laboratory. The conveyor system, which transports pig carcasses from one station to another, moves efficiently.”

2) Resumption of Live Pig Imports from Pulau Bulan

“The pigs will be unloaded at 6.45 am - 7 am after they arrive in Singapore. PPD officers will inspect the pigs for health and identification during unloading. The consignment will then be transferred directly to the Hog Auction Market (HAM) and abattoir in Jurong.

The consignment will again be inspected for health and identification as they are unloaded into the holding pens. The pigs will be auctioned from 10 am onwards. They will subsequently be rested for a day before they are slaughtered on Tuesday (27 Apr 99) morning from 8 am onwards.” [PPD: Primary Production Dept.]

4) 121 Lambs From Ireland Die on Flight
(Photo: Mini Environment Services)

"The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority, which was on hand to inspect the 1,704 animals, began investigations into the incident on site after it was found that 121 had died during the flight. Findings indicated that heat stress was the cause of the deaths and there was no sign of infectious disease. The remaining lambs are healthy and their meat is suitable for consumption."

3) Korban Livestock: Healthy Animals From More Sources

Korban Sheep

(Photo: Al-Istighfar Mosque)

“The Korban is a significant religious sacrificial rite for the local Muslim community. Meat of these slaughtered animals is usually distributed to the poor and needy in the community.

As the agency responsible for Singapore’s resilience in food supply as well as guardian of animal health and welfare, AVA facilitates the diversification of sources of livestock for Korban, and ensures that all imported animals are free from diseases.”

4) Supply of Livestock for Korban 2016 (Singapore Mosques Korban Committee)

“The Singapore Mosques Korban Committee (JKMS) is happy to announce that a total of 3,500 livestock will be offered for Korban this year, consisting of 1,800 sheep from Australia and 1,700 lambs from Ireland. The community will also be able to perform Korban at 26 mosques this year.”

5) 174 Australian sheep meant for Korban ritual did not survive air flight to Singapore

“The Singapore Mosques Korban Committee (JKMS) said that 174 sheep did not survive the flight. Initial investigations indicate heat stress was the cause of death. Infectious disease was ruled out as all the other sheep passed quarantine. Singapore Airlines Cargo said that it is also investigating the incident.”

6) Reduced airflow to cargo compartment may have caused 174 sheep for korban to die during  flight: Muis

"However, a few hours into the flight, one of the three air-conditioning packs on the aircraft produced a slightly lower rate of airflow to the cargo compartment on an intermittent basis. This lower airflow rate affected a small section of the aircraft and may have caused a disruption of temperature in that section of the aircraft."

7) Pork Supply Safe as Strike Ends at Indonesian Farm


(Photo: F. Pangestu)

"The farm is the only supplier of live pigs from Indonesia to Singapore, exporting 6,000 of them a week to the city-state.

The farm's workers had been demonstrating since last Tuesday for higher wages, mirroring rising labour tensions across Indonesia over a disparity between robust growth and stagnant wages.”

8) AVA Holds First Bird Flu Drill at Poultry Slaughterhouse

Bird Flu Culling Drill 2

(Photo: Ooi Boon Keong)

“As for culled birds, the carcasses are packed into biohazard bags and sent for incineration. Vehicles and equipment that come in contact with the chickens are decontaminated.”