Let Us Be Heroes

Rebecca Cappelli decided to quit a successful career to work in non-profit. Now a public speaker, she delivers talks for free to help people adopt a healthy and responsible lifestyle.  A French citizen and a mandarin speaking professional, Rebecca has lived in Asia for over 14 years including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and now Singapore. She works with various non-profit organizations with the project Let us be Heroes to empower people to become a line of defense for their health, the planet and the animals.  Rebecca holds a master degree in media management, in Chinese language and culture and a Plant Based Nutrition certificate from eCornell. She is on the Advisory Board of the global network Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management.  To request more information, email Rebecca.

Talk 1: Let us Be Heroes

Health, Home, Heart: make the connection and let us be Heroes together.

We all want to be healthy. We all want to protect our home and we all want to be kind. Yet today we are facing a health crisis, an environmental crisis and an ethical crisis affecting people and the economy. Give it just a bit of your time and an open mind. The Talk is in three parts: with Health, you will learn the impact of nutrition and simple food hacks to start a healthy lifestyle. With Home, you will learn the environmental impact of our food choices and how to protect the planet for our children. And with Heart, you will make the connection that takes you to the next step: becoming every day life Heroes. This is an inspiring talk with beautiful visuals, insightful infographics and stories to empower you to start building the world you want to live in. To request more information, email Rebecca.
Duration: 1 hr

Talk 2: Customised Talks

Rebecca is happy to tailor a talk to your requirements.  To request more information, email Rebecca.

What do people say about Let Us Be Heroes?

"Very inspirational talk.  It's an eye opener.  Thank you."

- Employee at Booking.com, Singapore

"Continue to inspire people, this is what the world needs"

- Student at SPCA Youth Leadership Camp, Singapore

"Very thought provoking."

- Employee at LinkedIn, Hong Kong

Live Green Live Lean

Luke Tan is a published author, health coach and vegan strength athlete. As an internationally awarded sports person, Luke is also the founder of Evolved Generation, a brand based in Australia promoting health and athleticism through conscious consumption. He specialises in helping individuals get leaner and healthier through a whole foods plant-based diet.  To contact him regarding the talks and workshops below, go here.

Talk 1: Get Plant Fit

Become the fittest and healthiest version of yourself while making a difference.

Fad diets, supplements, pills, expedited transformation programs a many. It just all seems so confusing and conflicting just to get fit and healthy. This presentation will leave you with practical, bite sized tools and strategies to unleash the fittest and healthiest version of yourself, all while supporting an ecological planet.  To contact Luke for more information, please go here.

Talk 2: The Plant-Fuelled Inner Athlete

Increased recovery, improved body composition, better strength and endurance. 

Athletes the world over are opting for a plant-based diet for enhanced athletic performance. Having come from a reductionistic perspective towards nutrition (high protein/low carb and other dietary perspective, over supplementation), to now fully embracing a wholistic perspective focussing on nutrient dense plant-whole foods, Emilie and Luke have come back fitter, faster and stronger than ever. In this presentation, they share their journey as accomplished vegan athletes busting stereotypes. The aim of this keynote is to create a paradigm shift in your thinking, to be inspired to use a whole plant-based diet perform better.  To contact Luke for more information, please go here.

Talk 3: Influence

How to be a role model, raise your profile

We believe that the best way to promote a fit, healthy and conscious lifestyle is to be a shining example of it. From competing internationally as an athlete, being published, all the way to connecting with top experts running the first ever global Plant Fit summit, Luke will share strategies to help you build your personal conscious/lifestyle brand.  To contact Luke for more information, please go here.

Talk 4: Awake and Alive

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

Emilie and Luke both have experienced their archetypal decent. Emilie suffering from sexual abuse and Luke, a botched suicide attempt and a near conviction. Both have been at the lowest points of their lives but decided one day that enough was enough. What a journey it has been for them to rise above all adversity. To charge forward leaving no stone unturned. This presentation will give you perspective on how to overcome setbacks, triumph from adversity, then unleash your truest and most authentic self.  To contact Luke for more information, please go here.

Talk 5: Living your passion

Life's short, spend time doing what you love.

Living from pay check to pay check, existing in a dead end job hoping that the next promotion or raise might bring happiness. Money to buy more time, hoping to eventually do what they love. Where purpose and passion collide, Emilie and Luke have now found a reason to live each waking moment. Life is short and time is the most precious resource that we have.. and it is ticking. Why settle for something less when you deserve much much more? This presentation will inspire you to take action, to live what you love, then design a life out of it.  To contact Luke for more information, please go here.

What do people say about Live Green Live Lean?

"Luke has been nothing but, supportive, motivational, inspirational, approachable and patient. He has guided me to harness my inner strength, become present and driven in life, be self-motivated and most importantly, has lead me on the path to becoming the best version of myself."

"Luke has helped me become a healthier, happier and stronger version of myself. His unwavering motivation towards the goals of his clients is a true representation of his character and passion, he wanted me to succeed in achieving my goals as much as I did, and sometimes even more!"

"Luke is very professional and personable and takes genuine pride and satisfaction in assisting people in transforming their physiques, whilst living a happier and healthier life. I can highly recommend his services."

Joy Works

Isabel Vadivu Govind is the founder, Joy Works (joyworks.sg).  Through her leadership and staff development work, Vadivu enables high-performance organisations where people flourish. She helps to build up social, emotional and psychological capital that positively impacts organisational results such as service equality and productivity. Her work is influenced by sciences such as positive psychology and humanistic leadership approaches like positive leadership. She runs interactive workshops. Other than these topics below, she can design customised programmes based on your needs.

Workshop 1

Positive Leadership

There are many leadership approaches out there. Positive Leadership is a research-backed leadership approach that enables organisations to achieve extraordinary levels of performance. It emphasises strengths, meaning at work and life-affirming actions such as gratitude and compassion.

Workshop 2

Adversity, Change and Disruptions: Resilience for Adaptable and Nimble Teams

When there is stress, adversity, or disruption, what makes some people break down and some people to have a breakthrough?  What enables some people to not only survive but go on to thrive through such challenges? How can organisations breed resilience? This programme helps people feel more confident that they will not just get through difficult times but also come out better, stronger and more able to help the organisation keep improving.

Workshop 3

Empathy: The Essential Asset for Workplace Success

Empathy is the vital quality for workplaces that will help improve internal and external service, better engagement and stronger teamwork.  We will use the award-winning empathy toy as well as other methods to teach participants how to take on others’s perspective, understand their needs and take concrete actions.

Workshop 4

Strengths-based Leadership/Teams

According to studies, the use of strengths results in higher performance, resilience, better goal achievement and productivity. We will use a second generation state-of-the-art strengths tool, Strengths Profile, to help participants learn about their strengths and growth areas. It has been deevloped by positive psychology experts in the UK. Leadership/team workshops can be developed around the strengths approach.

Workshop 5

Giving Feedback that Grows People  

Giving positive and constructive feedback is an art. When delivered well, it can lead to teams that grow and create higher value for the organisation. When delivered poorly, it can affect morale and impact performance. In Vadivu’s work, she has found two common mistakes - many people do not give enough positive feedback and secondly, don’t know how to deliver constructive feedback skilfully. This course will address these gaps. She was interviewed by Challenge, the Public Service Division magazine on praise at work