2017 Compassionate Christmas Gift Guide – Part 2!

We hope you liked the first instalment of our compassionate gift guide.  (If you missed it, click here!) This second part focuses on vegan FOOD that you can give as gifts or bring to a party. (Don’t be remembered as the one who didn’t bring anything! :P)

We present a mix of vegan-friendly food, with a focus once again on #supportlocal and stuff that are easily accessible in Singapore! Some of these amazing foods are brought to you by our own AASG friends, so please support them and spread the vegan food love!

Vice Vegan-Friendly Ice Cream

This author believes that Vice will rid the world of non-vegan ice cream one pint at a time. It tastes exactly like non-vegan ice cream, or even better! Why choose non-vegan ice creams when you can have Vice, which is healthier and kinder?

Vice offers amazing ice cream flavours that change every month. This December, we have been blessed with Rocky Road, Cranberry (which comes with chunks of vegan cheese cake!), Rum & Raisin, Peppermint (with chocolate shavings) and Gingerbread! Tell me you are not drooling just yet. This author can personally testify that the flavours can be alarming and cause never-before-experienced sensations, which may cause you to finish the entire pint of ice cream alone. (SOGOOD) You have been warned.

As a Christmas special, Vice is also offering baked vegan cheese cake!

You can get Vice ice creams through their instagram account @veganvice_sg or through facebook at www.facebook.com/VeganVICEsg/

Sayang’s Vegan-Friendly Halal Cakes

The Vegan Bakes ‘N’ Makes is now revamped, bigger and better as Sayang’s. Sayang’s is every ethical foodie’s dream. They promise that they use only ethically-sourced cocoa and coffee, are palm oil free, on top of being vegan-friendly and also halal!

Check out these flavours, which will blow every chocolate lover’s mind: Dark Chocolate, Banana Chocolate, Coconut Walnut Chocolate, Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate, Mint Chocolate. DROOL.

Sayang’s is currently having a relaunch special of 10% discount until the end of December 2017.  Each cake costs a reasonable price between S$55-58.

The best thing you can do is to share some vegan love with some vegan cake!

Sayang’s Website: https://sayangsonline.weebly.com

Sayang’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sayangsonline/

It will be very sayang if you do not try Sayang’s! 😀

Peace of Cheese

Dreaming about Miyoko’s home made vegan cheese or home made vegan butter? Look no further, the new kid on the block Peace of Cheese will impress you with their blocks of vegan cheese and vegan butter. Peace of Cheese’s vegan cheese and vegan butter are made from cashews, organic coconut oil and soy milk.

As a Christmas special, Peace of Cheese is launching Pink Peppercorn Cheese!

Check out Peace of Cheese on instagram @peaceofcheese

Peace of Cheese order form is here.

Well Dressed Salad Bar’s Christmas Specials

WDSB is more than a salad bar, and offers amazing brunch, buddha bowls, waffles and more! Our favourite vegan-friendly café has been busy whipping up lots of Christmas special cakes like Passionfruit AvoCho Berries Cupcakes, Pecan Pumpkin Ginger Biscake, Lemon CreamCheeze Orange Cranberry Cupcakes, Banana White Chocolate Fruit Cake. We can’t get enough!

WDSB is always creating new and amazing stuff, so do not forget to drop by to check out WDSB’s new creations every now and then.

Here is Well Dressed Salad Bar’s Instagram and facebook page.

Genesis Restaurant’s Vegan Turkey

The established Genesis Vegan Restaurant is offering vegan turkey this Christmas season. Turkey has always been a food symbol for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but perhaps we should switch things up by saving the lives of these intelligent beings and try vegan turkey instead!

Genesis’ vegan turkey costs S$35 per length.

Genesis Vegan’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/genesisvegan/

NomvNom Vouchers

NomvNom is no stranger and needs no introduction. But if you have been living under a rock, NomvNom is one of Singapore’s best vegan burger places, offering wholesome and absolutely yummy food with a heart-made touch.

This Christmas season, NomvNom is offering $100 worth of vouchers for the price of $100. This will be a great chance to encourage your friends to try out legit vegan food and also stock up on some of your own because you know you will end up at NomvNom anyway!

The Edible Co.’s Granola

The Edible Co. offers a range of vegan-friendly granola that can make great gifts. The Edible Co. promises that their products contain zero preservatives, colourings, refined sugars or any added stabilisers. The Edible Co. is also halal certified.

Consider these yummy sounding granola flavours: Cranberry Almond Granola, Coconut Gula Melaka Granola, Hazelnut Chocolate Granola

Each 250g packet of granola costs S$11.

The Edible Co. Website: https://theedibleco.com/collections/classic-granola

(Note: Not all of The Edible Co.’s products are vegan-friendly, please check before purchasing.)

Bakening Bakery Vegan-Friendly Paleo Cookies

Bakening Bakery’s cookies are vegan-friendly, paleo, gluten-free, and do not contain refined sugar, so munching on these are unlikely to add to your waistline (very much). They are also easy to eat and make a great afternoon snack. Warning though, these are addictive!

Each 50g bag of cookies cost S$7.90.

(Note: Not all of Bakening’s products are vegan-friendly, please check before purchasing.)


If you want to give something healthy, vegan and pretty, one can do no wrong with fruits.

To make it special, you could consider getting types of fruits that the recipient normally would not get for themselves, e.g. a bag of cherries, a box of perfect strawberries, japanese fruits, exotic not-so-often seen fruits, organic fruits, etc. Decent packaging will be preferred – sometimes fruits come in less than attractive packaging and perhaps using a stiff brown paper bag or even a reusable grocery bag would do the trick! This is perfect for the health-conscious gift recipient.

Photographed at Isetan Scotts Orchard

Souley Green

Singapore’s first fully vegan-friendly online store of course has a wide offering that you cannot miss out on. Check out Souley Green’s own gift guide for items that you can find on their website: https://souleygreen.com/blogs/news/our-christmas-picks-for-him-for-her-and-under-10

Finally, if you are shopping for food, do not forget to check out AASG’s super useful guide to finding vegan food in regular stores: http://animalallies.sg/where-can-i-find/

Disclaimer: None of the above are paid listings. AASG and/or the author does not purport to recommend any of the products or listings above unless expressly mentioned. AASG has tried to the best of our abilities to confirm that the abovementioned products are vegan and/or cruelty-free, but we are not able to guarantee that they are indeed vegan and/or cruelty-free and you are encouraged to confirm on your own.